Notepad ++ 8.2.1 brings new features

Notepad 8.2.1 brings new features
Notepad 8.2.1 brings new features

Don Ho released another updated Notepad ++ version 8.2.1 fixing some issues found in the previous release and adding some new features.

Notepad ++ has been known for a long time and is very popular with web developers and programmers. Notepad ++ is compatible with various programming languages.

To avoid errors or to highlight certain lines of code, it is possible to color them. It is also possible to indicate in which language you want to program.

Changed or Added in Notepad ++ 8.2.1

  • An option to insert the autocomplete selection has been added to prevent you from having to press ENTER twice to get to the next line.
  • Corrects the error that the loaded session is empty when it is terminated.
  • The x64 installer did not find the previous installation location. This bug has been fixed.
  • Added commands to copy names and paths to DocList and Edit menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of recent files was not updated after the Save As command.
  • Fixes the problem with incorrect detection of Windows 11 in the “Debug Information”.
  • Fix: “Save As” command cannot be used as “Save”.
  • Correction of a visual error when disabling FG/BG colors.
  • Correction of incorrect highlighting of keywords (of the preprocessor in C) in Java.

Download: Notepad-Plus-Plus