Notepad ++ 8.3.1 Update Available for Download

Notepad 8.3.1 Update Available for Download
Notepad 8.3.1 Update Available for Download

It’s just a few days ago Don Ho released updated Notepad ++ 8.3, fixing some issues found in the previous release. Working hard to improve Notepad ++, Don Ho again came up with another release fixing some other issues you can read about down below. The new build number is 8.3.1.

Changelog for Notepad ++ 8.3.1

  • Fix XML tag adding or mark deletion crash issue. (Fix #11128)
  • Fix wrong cursor position on opened file & cmdline ‘-n’ param not working regression. (Fix #11131)
  • Revert “Enable backup on save (simple) feature by default”.
  • Restore auto-completion insert selection default behaviour (now with both ENTER & TAB as expected). (Fix #11178)
  • Fix Path Completion not working regression. (Fix #11147)
  • Fix target directory parameter (/D=) ignored by x64 installer regression. (Fix #11072)
  • Add icons on function items of auto-completion to distinguish from word items. (Implement #11087)
  • Fix file dialog “Append extension” checkbox not working on empty folder. (Fix #10436)
  • Fix link part of Dark Mode Customized tone not persistent issue. (Fix #11095)
  • Fix NPPM_RELOADFILE not working with converted 8.3 DOS file name (from long file name) bug. (Fix #11106)

Notepad ++ has been known for a long time and is very popular with web developers and programmers. Notepad ++ is compatible with various programming languages.

To avoid errors or to highlight certain lines of code, it is possible to color them. It is also possible to indicate in which language you want to program.

Download: Notepad-Update