Notepad++ 8.3.2 Update for Download

Notepad 8.3.2 Update for Download
Notepad 8.3.2 Update for Download

It’s just a short while ago, Don Ho released updated Notepad ++ 8.3.1, fixing some issues found in the previous release.

Working hard to improve Notepad ++, Don Ho again came up with another release fixing some other issues and put in some improvements you can read about in the changelog down below. The new build number became 8.3.2.

Notepad ++ has been known for a long time and is very popular with web developers and programmers. Notepad ++ is compatible with various programming languages.

To avoid errors or to highlight certain lines of code, it is possible to color them. It is also possible to indicate in which language you want to program.

Changelog for Notepad++ 8.3.2

  • Correction of an incorrect message when double-clicking on a search result
  • Correction of the malfunction that a file cannot be saved if it was previously set to a different character set.
  • Corrects the error that the UDL comment input fields do not work.
  • Fixes UDL dialog crash on over 30 UDL created.
  • New commands to sort tabs by name, path, type, and size.
  • The API NPPM_GETCURRENTLINESTR and the variable $(CURRENT_LINESTR) for RunDlg has been added.
  • Better support of 2GB+ files (cmdline & session file adaptation).
  • Correction of the problem with the sort order of autocomplete due to the fx icon.
  • Refined behavior when automatically saving the session on termination.
  • Improves performance when exiting with certain settings.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete does not work without case sensitivity.
  • Fixes a memory issue with the alias Sysnative in the x86 binary.

Download: Notepad-Update