Notepad 8.4 update online

Notepad 8.4 update online
Notepad 8.4 update online

Don Ho released updated Notepad ++ 8.4, fixing a critical error found in the previous release, and added some new features to the program.

You can read about all changes and fixes made in the changelog down below. The new build number became 8.4.

Changelog for Notepad 8.4

  • Added update of Scintilla from 4.4.6 to 5.2.1 and Lexilla 5.1.5.
  • Improved support for dark mode (shortcut mapper, autocomplete, calltip, column editor and style configurator, settings dialog, etc…)
  • Corrected the issue with character loss after case conversion.
  • The Sort Rows as Integer function no longer takes negative numbers into account.
  • Languages are now automatically sorted alphabetically in the Style Configurator.
  • The flashing box (autocomplete empty list) no longer appears while typing.
  • The document list is automatically scrolled to make the selected tab item visible.
  • The line number of the search result of “Search in files” has been adjusted.
  • Default sorting option from A-Z in the function list has been added.
  • Virtual space has been added.
  • Correction of the error that a document was incorrectly marked as saved after converting its encoding.
  • The document list is not synchronized with the tab order after sorting.
  • Fixed a critical error when saving files to Symantec Encryption Desktop.
  • Corrects truncated text in the status area of the shortcut mapper.
  • Improved installer: The selected language of the previous installation is saved.
  • Improved layout of the Find/Replace dialog.
  • Update of the NSIS & Inno Setup keyword lists.

Download: Notepad-Update