Notepad Plus Plus version

Notepad Plus Plus version
Notepad Plus Plus version

Don Ho released another updated Notepad ++ version fixing some issues found in the previous release.

Notepad ++ has been known for a long time and is very popular with web developers and programmers. Notepad ++ is compatible with various programming languages.

To avoid errors or to highlight certain lines of code, it is possible to color them. It is also possible to indicate in which language you want to program.

Fixed in Notepad Plus Plus version

  1. Fix regression: detection of backup file restored back problem.
  2. Fix saving file and false alert on network drive issues.
  3. Fix dockable panels lose background color issue when switching back Notepad++.
  4. Fix dirty status persisting issue after reloading file.
  5. Add Lua function list capacity.

Download: Notepad-Update