NTLite Released

NTLite Released
NTLite Released

As most of you know, NTLite is a tool to create your own custom install medium.

And it saves you a lot of time installing more than one system identically if you need to.

Some features you can find in NTLite

  • Integrate updates, drivers, automate Windows and application setup, speed up Windows deployment process and have it all set for the next time.
  • Optionally remove Windows components, simplify your installation, reduce attack vectors and free up drive space.
  • Next to editing images, you can also do the same actions on your existing Windows installation in place, without reinstallation.
    *ISO creation only for images, not Live install

Changed fixed or Added in NTLite

  • UI: ‘Scheduled Tasks’ removal page, remove existing scheduled tasks
  • Settings: Added ‘Disk Quota’ disabling option
  • Settings: ‘Automatic App Archiving’ option
  • Components: ‘Windows Setup EM’ added by Win11 22000.318+, undocumented component
  • Components: ‘Scanner’ compatibility option


  • Updates: Improved new updates integration compatibility running on an older host, pre Win10 1809 editions
  • Source: Win11 new Preview build 22504.1010 load support
  • Source: Improved Host Refresh migration compatibility in the full(er) to lite scenarios (error 0x8007042b)
  • Source: Host Refresh automatically agrees to EULA on Win11 images
  • Settings: CPU check bypass added to TPM requirement option
  • Settings: Application Compatibility section options merged into other groups
  • Components: ‘MS Audit Tools’ split, needed for ‘Windows Firewall Control’ by Binisoft
  • Components: ‘Modern App’ compatibility option split from ‘Windows Store’ compatibility
  • Components: ‘PowerShell ISE’ split from ‘PowerShell’
  • Components: ‘WWAN AutoConfig’ removes more
  • Components: ‘Speech API’ moved from Gaming to Lite, needed for Farcry 6
  • Components: ‘Disk Quota’ needed for WMI volume provider ‘wmic volume’, moved from Privacy to Lite
  • Components: ‘Bind Filter Driver’ split from Containers, needed for many things
  • Components: Win11 ‘Network Location Awareness’ component detection
  • Components: ‘Zip folder’ removal improved to support Host Refresh return
  • UI: Sorted pages on the left to reflect the actual sequence of processing
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for French (tistou77), German (Cartman586)

Fixed Issues

  • Features: FOD duplicates removed
  • Updates: Downloader could crash with corrupted files without a loaded image
  • Updates: Skip icb.ppkg loading, to not have an unnecessary popup on certain images
  • UI: Remember the tool’s window size and position