NTLite Update for Download

NTLite Update for Download
NTLite Update for Download

As most of you know, NTLite is a handy tool to create your own custom ISO installation media.

It will save you a lot of time when you need to install more than one system identically.

You can use it to integrate drivers, tweaks, updates, or make your own personal settings, so you won’t have to repeat it the next time you need to use the installation medium again.

Or just delete stuff from your ISO in the making if you need to.

Newly Added in NTLite

  • Source: Windows 11 Preview build 22557 support
  • Settings: ‘Local user account setup support’ option for Win11 Preview
  • Settings: ‘Taskbar – Alignment’ option for Win11
  • Components: ‘Bluetooth’ compatibility option

Improved in NTLite

  • Components: ‘Task Scheduler’ split APIs from it due to GeForce Experience dependency on the 32-bit API
  • Settings: TPM requirement disabling now includes disabling unsupported device warnings on Win11 Preview
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for

Fixed in NTLite

  • Updates: Downloader would list Dynamic Update twice, as external, if already downloaded
  • Updates: Downloader could crash after downloading updates and verifying
  • Settings: Win11 ‘Select the far corner of the taskbar to show the desktop’ fixed and renamed (to ‘Select the far corner of the taskbar to show the desktop’)
  • Components: Driver classes removal registry leftovers
  • Components: WMI Core was removing WMI Service description text file

Download: NT-Lite