NTLite update online

NTLite update online e1648647180428
NTLite update online e1648647180428

As most of you will know, NTLite is a handy tool to create your own custom installation ISO. It will save you a lot of time when you have to install more than one system identically.

You can use it to integrate drivers, tweaks, updates, or make your own personal settings, so you won’t have it all over again the next time you use the installation ISO setting up your new system.

Changelog for NTLite

Newly Added
  • Components: ‘YubiKey’ compatibility option
  • Settings: ‘Enable Local User support’ listed for Win11 Home as well
  • Components: ‘Setting Sync’ component detection on Win11
  • Components: ‘Biometric Service’ split from ‘Biometric’ (needed for Settings Sign-in options delay), and both moved under their dependencies
  • Components: ‘Cloud Files’ split from ‘Setting Sync’, needed for iCloud
  • Components: ‘Runtime Broker’ added to ‘OOBE’ compatibility, needed for Windows Setup
  • Components: ‘Xbox App’ renamed to ‘Xbox Core’ and moved to Media, contains support for all things Xbox
  • Components: ‘GamingApp’ renamed to ‘Xbox App’
  • Components: ‘Phone Service’ was breaking Roblox App, Lively Wallpaper
  • Components: ‘Ease of Access’ removal would break Lock-screen On-Screen keyboard shortcut
  • Settings: Telemetry Policy values would not be reflected on reloading the target (actual settings were applied)

Supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7, x86 and x64.

NTLite is the cutting-edge Windows configuration tool made by an independent developer.

Download: NTLite-Update