Nvidia released a new Nvidia DCH Graphics Driver with build number 512.15 to the public. The new driver comes with the following changes and fixes you can read about down below.

Changed or Fixed in Nvidia DCH Graphics Driver build 512.15

  • [Advanced Optimus]: Brightness levels do not change properly when the display is set to NVIDIA GPU-only mode with HDR set to off.
  • Increased registry reads by DWM.exe when GPU is connected to G-SYNC/G-SYNC Compatible display.
  • [NVIDIA Advanced Optimus][Ampere] Putting the notebook to sleep by closing the lid and then waking up the notebook may cause Windows to reboot when in dGPU mode.
  • The native resolution for a DVI or HDMI display may not be available from the display settings if the display contains an invalid EDID.
  • [Adobe Substance Sampler/Stager]: Fixed Optimus profile to run on dGPU by default.
  • [Enscape]: Shadow rendering is incorrect.
  • [Solidworks Visualize Boost]: When the application process is running in the background, the GPU memory clock may operate at lower clock speeds.
  • [Adobe Premiere Pro]: Adobe Media Encoder could crash due to out of memory error when encoding multiple R3D 8k files.
  • [Foundry Nuke]: CUDA and OpenCL kernel return incorrect results.

The new driver is for use on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Download: Driver-Update