Nvidia Studio Driver 512.96

Nvidia Studio Driver 512.96 new
Nvidia Studio Driver 512.96 new

Nvidia released a new studio driver fixing some bugs for Grid 2019, Adobe Premiere Pro, Maxon, Cinema4D, RedShift, and Photoshop. Nvidia also fixed the remaining security issues you can read about in the Nvidia Release Notes.

Changelog for Nvidia Studio Driver 512.96 

  • [Grid 2019]: Flags and banners no longer flicker while playing.
  • [Adobe Premiere Pro]: Direct3D-related crash dumps have been corrected.
  • [Adobe Premiere Pro]: In the NVIDIA Control Panel, users can now change the image sharpening setting.
  • [Maxon] [Cinema4D] [RedShift] [Photoshop]: Changing the driver now reports that the device creation is complete.