OpenNetMeter 0.8.0 Released

OpenNetMeter 0.8.0 Released
OpenNetMeter 0.8.0 Released

Are you looking for a tool to monitor your network/data usage for Windows 10 or Windows 11? Search no more, OpenNetMeter is a smart tool that brings you exactly what you need to monitor your data usage.

OpenNetMeter 0.8.0 provides you with the following features

  • Network speed
  • Current connection’s session data usage
  • Totals data usage since the detection of a new connection.
  • Table of all the individual processes which consumed this data.
  • A system tray icon to show the current session data usage and network speeds.
  • A toolbar in the Taskbar to show the network speed.
  • Dark mode
  • Confirmation dialog for the reset button
  • Custom themed detailed data usage table

How to Install OpenNetMeter 0.8.0

  • Download and Install¬†.NET Desktop Runtime 5¬†x64 bit version
  • Download the latest release from this repository and simply extract it.
  • Run in Admin mode (this is necessary).
  • Optional: To add this as a startup program, go to the settings tab and tick the checkbox.

Fixed in OpenNetMeter 0.8.0

  • Main window now shows up after closing it from alt+tab program switcher and reopening it from the system tray.
  • Fixed network speed graph line inconsistency
  • Fixed date-time duration bug

Download: GitHub-Update