The team released PowerShell 7.1.1 update today to the general public. It’s a release with some minor fixes and some improvements.

Fixes and changes are:

  • Don’t do a shallow checkout
  • Move to ESRP signing for Windows files
  • Add checkout step to release build templates
  • Avoid an exception if file system does not support reparse points
  • Make AppLocker Enforce mode take precedence over UMCI Audit mode
  • Use one feed in each nuget.config in official builds
  • Fix path signed RPMs are uploaded from in release build
  • Fix issue with unsigned build
  • Move macOS and NuGet packages to ESRP signing
  • Move Windows packages signing to use ESRP
  • Move Linux packages to ESRP signing
  • Migrate 3rd party signing to ESRP

Download: GitHub

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free