PowerShell 7.2.2 Ready for Download

PowerShell 7.2.2
PowerShell 7.2.2

Microsoft released a new version of PowerShell to the public. The new update comes with version number 7.2.2.

You can download the updated version on GitHub or get it in the Microsoft Store. PowerShell 7.2.2 has received an update to the .NET SDK 6.0.201.

Changelog for PowerShell 7.2.2

  • WiX file updated
  • Update of JSON files for experimental functions
  • Ensures that Alpine and ARM SKUs have the powershell.config.json file with experimental features enabled
  • Update the vmImage and PowerShell root directory for macOS builds
  • Update the macOS build image and build root directory
  • WiX installation removed
  • Opt-in for build security monitoring
  • Added SBOM manifest for release packages
  • Added Linux package dependencies for packaging
  • Switch to our own build and release images
  • Removed all references to cmake for the builds in this repo
  • Registration of NuGet sources when creating CGManifest

Download: PowerShell-Update