PowerShell 7.2.4 update available
PowerShell 7.2.4 update available

Microsoft released an updated PowerShell version 7.2.4 to the public. The new build comes with a Bump .NET SDK to 6.0.203.

Changed in PowerShell 7.2.4

  • Add mapping for Ubuntu22.04 Jammy.
  • Update to use mcr.microsoft.com.
  • Update third-party notices.
  • Update global.json and wix.
  • Put Secure supply chain analysis in the correct place.
  • Fix web cmdlets so that an empty Get does not include a content-length header.
  • Update package fallback list for Ubuntu (from those updated for Ubuntu 22.04) (deb).
  • Add sha256 digests to RPM packages.
  • Allow multiple installations of dotnet.

Download: GitHub