PowerShell Update 7.2.7

PowerShell Update 7.2.7
PowerShell Update 7.2.7

Microsoft released a new PowerShell update with version number 7.2.7. The update comes with some changes and fixes.

Changelog for PowerShell Update 7.2.7

  • On Unix, the native process is only explicitly terminated during cleanup if it is not running in the background
  • Telemetry via ApplicationType is no longer sent
  • General cmdlet updates and fixes
  • Remove the minimum 1-second delay in Invoke-WebRequest for downloading small files and prevent suppression of file download errors
  • Enables search for assemblies in GAC_Arm64 on Windows
  • Correction of error formatting to use the color defined in $PSStyle.Formatting
  • .NET has been updated to version 6.0.402.
  • Some other changes under “Build and Packaging Improvements”

Download: Update