Today a new release of PowerToys 0.25.0

  • The videoconferencing program has been postponed. This will be coming in about a week’s time. We need additional work done here to ship this out. It will be 0.26 Experimental and will be 0.25 + The video conference utility

Highlights from October 2020


  • First pass on localization complete. 17 different languages. We know there will be some rough areas, please make us aware so we can correct them.
  • Logging added into the installer
  • Large sums of accessibility issues fixed.
  • Less notifications for installing
  • FxCop work is almost fully wrapped up

Color Picker

  • Additional color style selections such as CYMK and HSL


  • Multiple bugs fixed
  • Better zone drawing improvements

Keyboard manager

  • Fixed terminal input map failure
  • Better app compat
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Ability to directly disable keys/shortcuts

PowerToys Run

  • expanded environment var searching such as {5fd8b88bc01d17fabb91e06db1144bd91456ca2d33b3606bb58db530bb5bebbb}windr{5fd8b88bc01d17fabb91e06db1144bd91456ca2d33b3606bb58db530bb5bebbb}
  • multiple crash bug fixes
  • Improvements on calculator plugin
  • Directly able to override theming
  • Windows will open to what shell you want
  • Better action key support
    • = for direct calculator
    • ? for direct file searching
    • . for direct for applications
    • // for direct URL
    • < for running processes
    • > for shell processes

Dev docs

  • Added multiple developer related docs.

Download: PowerToys 0.25.0