Microsoft released PowerToys 0.27.1 with some minor fixes. This update concerns 5 items for 0.27 deemed important for stability. The next update 0.29 is planned for release at the end of December 2020.

Fixes are:

  • #8330– FancyZones not waiting for me to release Shift. The primary bug is fixed. We discovered an edge case #8511that is not resolved in this larger fix. We felt the larger fix was worth getting out without the edge case being solved.
  • #8378– Memory leak in FancyZones. Our fix actually improved performance when showing the zones on high res and high DPI scaling screens
  • #8339 – FZ editor is correctly handling multi monitor when the laptop built-in display is turned off.
  • #8322-Editor Crash on removing colors from the history where there is none
  • #6594– Color Picker hangs while holding activation keystroke

Download: PowerToys