PowerToys 0.45 Online for Download

PowerToys Update 0.45
PowerToys Update 0.45

Microsoft released PowerToys 0.45 today.

Microsoft announced this release is primarily centered around stability updates and optimizations, installer updates, general bug fixes, and accessibility improvements.

An experimental version of PowerToys (v0.46) will be available in the 2nd week of September and will include an updated version of Video Conference Mute.

Changed or Fixed in PowerToys 0.45

  • ModuleImageLink has been removed.
  • The radio buttons of the theme have been replaced by combo boxes.
  • Unified to a test framework for C# components of the project.
  • Fixed StyleCop and warnings.
  • Removed unused namespace alias.
  • Standardized .NET JSON on System.Text.Json
  • Fixed various faulty .xaml links and icons.
  • The Name property in the Edit Layout and Create Custom Layout controls have been updated to no longer contain Unicode private characters.
  • The bitmask variable has been changed from size_t to uint64_t, allowing PowerToys to support more than 40 zones per layout.
  • Telemetry has been adjusted to better distinguish when PowerToys Run starts at startup.
  • Plugin setting “Direct Activation Phrase” renamed to “Direct Activation String”.
  • Updated environment variables as changes occur.