PowerToys 0.47.0 up for Download

PowerToys 0.47.0 up for Download
PowerToys 0.47.0 up for Download

Microsoft released another new PowerToys update.

It’s PowerToys version 0.47.0 with a lot of new changes and fixes. Microsoft announced a new experimental version of PowerToys version 0.48.0 will be released the week of October 4th, introducing improvements to the Video Conference Mute utility! All updates from the v0.47.0 release will still apply in v0.48.

Changed in PowerToys 0.47.0 

  • Upgraded WinUI to 2.7.0.
  • Reduced installer size by compressing GIFs.
  • Replaced ShortcutTextContorl with MarkdownTextblock.
  • Added functionality to invoke SHCangeNotify SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED when thumbnail providers are turned on/off.
  • Consolidated nuget packages.
  • Additional logging and error handling added to PowerToys Run.
  • Moved away from the legacy windevbuildagents pool.
  • Added support for embedded MSIX apps in PowerToys.
  • Replaced ListView with ComboBox for Image Resizer.
  • Build error fixes.