PowerToys 0.48.1 Update

PowerToys 0.48.1 Update
PowerToys 0.48.1 Update

Microsoft released PowerToys 0.48.1 with muting of the video conference and one new fix compared to the previous version.

Changed or Fixed in PowerToys 0.48.1 Update

  • Fixed an issue where the first hotkey input in the settings was focused when the page was loaded. This prevents unintentional reassignment of keyboard shortcuts.

Remaining Issues in this version

  • Some webcams have an incompatibility with Teams and the overlay image is not rendered, instead, a faulty image is displayed. If your camera has this quirk, please let us know the model in [main tracking issue – #6246].
  • In the application preview (Teams, Meet, etc.), the overlay image may appear horizontally mirrored, but this is to be expected, the image will be displayed correctly for the other participants of the call.
  • To enable/disable VCM (video conferencing mute), PowerToys should be run as an administrator.
  • If some VCM settings are changed, the application must be restarted to apply the new values, e.B. a new overlay image.
  • In some cases, the overlay image may be displayed vertically mirrored (the workaround is to edit the image and flip it before selection).
  • If the muted webcam of the PowerToys video conference doesn’t appear in the video conferencing app, try restarting the app, and if it still doesn’t appear, try restarting Windows.

Download: PowerToys-Update