PowerToys 0.53.3 Bugfix Release

PowerToys 0.53.3 Bugfix Release
PowerToys 0.53.3 Bugfix Release

Just days ago, Microsoft released PowerToys 0.53.1 and found out that some bugs in the release needed fixing.

The new PowerToys 0.53.3 release does all of that. It concerns only 3 bugs, which you can read about below.

Changed or Fixed in PowerToys 0.53.3

  • PowerToys Run perf regression due to disabling list virtualization to improve scroll speed on some computers
  • PowerToys Run Uri plugin had an exception with a bad format.
  • PowerToys Run crashes due to duplicate key. This was due to a community-driven plugin having the same name as one of our plugins.

Changed, Improved, or Fixed in PowerToys 0.53.1

  • ColorPicker
  • Improvements to HEX input for the Customize Color menu, including support for hex codes without a hashtag and short hex codes such as #CF0.
  • Better detection of the bottom right screen for overlay
  • FancyZones
  • Increased negative distance
  • Correction for non-snapping of subwindows
  • Correction for deleting keyboard focus when starting the editor
  • Correction to improve overlays to reduce brightness and hide numbers.
  • File Explorer¬†Added G-code support for thumbnails and preview windows.
  • PowerRename
  • Support for row highlighting and preview is now implemented.
  • Fixed altgr input problem
  • Improved support for renaming folders
  • PowerToys Run
  • The¬†web search has been added! ?? The answer to the question “What is life?” is forwarded to your preferred search engine via your browser. You can also change the default action button!
  • Support for binary and hex numbers.
  • Ability to use factor numbers in calculations
  • Correction for scrolling too fast on the trackpad
  • Removed unnecessary Nuget package.
  • Settings Several corrections regarding accessibility, layout, images, strings, and symbols.
  • All changes can be found on the release page

Download: BugFix-Update