PowerToys 0.56.2 Fixed FancyZone Bug

PowerToys 0.56.2 Fixed FancyZone Bugs
PowerToys 0.56.2 Fixed FancyZone Bugs

Like in recent times, Microsoft released another patch release of PowerToys, this time with build number 0.56.2. The new release is coming with some fixes and changes made.

One important fix is the FancyZones template layout reset bug. For other changes made in the new release, you can read about it down below.

Changelog for PowerToys 0.56.2

  • #16252: We now pass in /norestart flag to .NET runtime installer for our installer
  • #16155: FancyZones Template layout reset bug is fixed
  • #16699: Dev File Preview handler files in use bug is fixed
  • #16669: Added Find my mouse setting for shake distance to allow for adjustability
  • #16712: PowerToys Run’s Windows Terminal plugin didn’t have localization setup correctly and is now correct.

Download: Patch-Release