PowerToys 0.59.0 released also for ARM64
PowerToys 0.59.0 released also for ARM64

Microsoft released a brand-new updated version of PowerToys. As Microsoft states, “In the v0.59 release cycle, we focused on wrapping up building for native ARM64 and releasing the first experimental build”.

Available for download are PowerToysSetup-0.59.0-x64.exe and PowerToysSetup-0.59.0-arm64.exe.

Highlights for PowerToys 0.59.0

  • The work for running natively on ARM64 has been wrapped up and a build is released.
  • Power Rename now is running on WinUI 3.
  • Keyboard Manager now allows up to 4 modifier keys for shortcuts and has received some quality fixes.
  • Upgraded the Windows App SDK runtimes to 1.1.0, fixing an issue where Settings wouldn’t start with UAC off and improving performance.
  • The Windows App SDK runtime binaries are being shipped with PowerToys which should resolve the installation issues reported with WinAppSDK.
  • Read a lot more here

Download: PowerToys-Update