PowerToys 0.64.1 Patch Release

PowerToys 0.64.1 Patch Release
PowerToys 0.64.1 Patch Release

As Microsoft announced, this is a patch release to fix issues found in PowerToys 64.0. This is to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability.

Changes in PowerToys 0.64.1

  • Actually, apply the ‘space around zones’ toggle deactivation in FancyZones Editor.
  • Add a scrollbar to the additional lines dialog in Hosts File Editor.
  • Allows File Locksmith to detect system user’s processes when they are elevated.
  • Instead of discarding VCM, it goes into legacy mode instead, based on community feedback.
  • Avoid an infinite loop when updating settings in the Color Picker.
  • Correction of icons in the Hosts File Editor.
  • Removes an unused namespace from the GPO admx file so that Intune can import it.
  • Icon and UI fixes for File Locksmith.
  • Fixed an issue that caused FancyZones Editor and other ModernWPF applications to appear as a white window on VMWare Windows 11 guests.

Download: Patch-Update