Just for the end of 2020 we have another update Powertoys version 0.29. This release comes with improved stability and a lot of bug fixes. Expected in the upcoming release are, FZ editor improvements and threenew plug-ins for PowerToys Run.

Release Notes for Powertoys version 0.29:


  • Bug report tool and improved logging.
  • Various localization improvements.
  • CodeQL added. Triggered via a cron timer twice a day.
  • “How to use” docs moved to https://docs.microsoft.com/windows/powertoys/
    • This will allow the community to do direct PRs against those documents

ARM64 Progress

  • .NET Core upgrade for code bases the PowerToys team controls is complete. We still have two external dependencies that are .NET Framework that need to be updated.

Color Picker

  • General bug fixes
  • Added ability to provide the name of the color at parity with Office and WinUI Color Picker.


  • Allows to use Windows Snap on desktops that don’t have a layout applied and for apps that are in the excluded list.
  • Bug fixes

PowerToys Run

  • Improved performance
  • PT Run now supports accented characters.


  • Option to extract the MSI from the .exe for enterprise scenarios and more options to do unattended installations.
  • Removed toast notifications during installation.

Download 0.29.0   Powertoys at GitHub
Download Update: Powertoys 0.29.3