Microsoft released another update PowerToys to the public today.

When interested in this new build, you can download it down below.

Changed or Fixed in build 0.41.2

  • New Awake utility added! Power-Users can now keep their computer awake on-demand without having to manage its power settings.
  • Better zoom in Color Picker
  • Shortcut guide removed support for long Win press to activate. Now supports Win + ? by default
  • Turned off FancyZones canvas editor magnetic snapping to allow keyboard support
  • Updated Color Picker GIF for OOBE.
  • Removed outdated MSIX code
  • Upgraded all projects to Modern WPF 0.94
  • Dropped support for the module interface API to save settings
  • Removed Winstore dependency
  • Various OOBE and appearance improvements.
  • A bug fix for Image Resizer where specifying a width but no height generated a 1×1 px image instead of auto-adjusting the height.
  • Fixed File Explorer crash when running PowerRename
  • Customize key-binding from settings menu for Shortcut Guide

Download: GitHub – PowerToys