Rainmeter 4.5.12 Revision 3616

Rainmeter 4.5.12 Revision 3616
Rainmeter 4.5.12 Revision 3616

Rainmeter is a small tool u can use to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters, to fully functional audio visualizers.

It’s a free-to-use tool and really helpful and around for years. The new update comes with build number 4.5.12 – Revision 3616. If you are not familiar with Rainmeter, take a look at the official Homepage first, it’s certainly worth your while.

Maybe you like to install some nice new skins or other stuff you can use in Rainmeter 4.5.12, go to DeviantArt, and enjoy all the goodies you can find there.

Changed,Fixed or Added in Rainmeter 4.5.12

  • Custom Plugin functions: Matching leading and trailing quotes (double and single) will now be stripped from each parameter before being sent to the plugin.
  • Inline Lua: Corrected a rare parsing issue when using the measure/meter GetOption.
  • Inline Lua: Numeric parameters starting with ( are now run through the Rainmeter math parser before being sent to the lua script.
  • Lua GetOption: The GetOption function for measure / meter objects will now accept an additional optional boolean parameter called bReplaceMeasures, that when false will not replace any section variables before retrieving that option.
  • MouseActionCursorName: Added various cursor options. See Change Announcements for details.
  • Inline Lua: Added the parameter type nil.
  • Inline Lua: Allow for parameter types true, false, and nil to be case-insensitive in the skin ini file (does not apply to the lua script).
  • VS2022: Updated the project to use the latest Visual Studio 2022 for development
  • NowPlaying: Removed LyricWikia parsing from Lyrics option.

Download: RM-Update