Rectify 11 version

Rectify 11 version 2 is Out 3
Rectify 11 version 2 is Out 3

For those who have followed the discussion about project Rectify 11, a new release is available and up for download now.

Rectify 11 is a project that aims to fix Windows 11. 

Rectify 11 version 2 3

The first impression is it looks fantastic. Let’s see how it turns out using Rectify 11 in real life. Thanks to Rectify 11 team for making this possible.

Rectify 11 version 3

Rectify11 aspires to re-create what Windows 11 should have been as an operating system. Fast, simple, unique, and consistent. 

Rectify 11 version is available now. Rectify 11 version 3 is almost ready, even better, and more beautiful than version 2.5. So, let’s just wait in suspense to see what version 3 will bring.

You can download version here. Or take a look here.

YouTube video

pre release v3
pre-release v3

Homepage: Here