What’s New and rolling Out to Microsoft Edge v.88 January 2021. As you can see it’s a long list with new features coming to the future Microsoft Edge v88 Browser. Some of it we already know from the Edge legacy browser. But I do think with a lot of improvements to the older features in Edge v.88. And yes, with a lot of new goodies implemented.

Microsoft Edge v.88: PDF document display in book view (two pages)

Starting with Microsoft Edge 88, users will be able to view a PDF document in a single page or in a two-page book view. To change the view, a user clicks the Page View button in the toolbar.

Microsoft Edge v. 88: Single Sign-On (SSO) now available for Microsoft Account (MSA) on macOS and down-level Windows

A user signed in on Microsoft Edge on either macOS or down-level Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1) will now get automatically signed in to websites that are configured to allow single sign on with Microsoft accounts (eg: bing.com, office.com, msn.com, outlook.com).

Microsoft Edge v.88: Improve productivity and multitasking with vertical tabs

As the number of horizontal tabs grows, site titles start to get cut off and tab controls are lost as each tab shrinks. This interrupts user workflow as they spend more time finding, switching, and managing their tabs and less time on the task at hand. Vertical tabs let users to move their tabs to the side, where vertically aligned icons and longer site titles make it easier to quickly scan, identify and switch to the tab they want to open. Vertical tabs also make it easier to organize several tabs, by providing more space to quickly multi-select, close and reorder tabs. When users want to focus and see more of the web while using vertical tabs, they can always collapse the pane, and simply hover to expand it whenever they want to interact with a specific tab.

Microsoft Edge v.88: Reset your Microsoft Edge sync data in the cloud manually

We are introducing a way to reset your Microsoft Edge sync data from within the product. This ensures that your data is cleared from Microsoft services, as well as resolving certain product issues that previously required a support ticket.

Microsoft Edge v.88: Alerts if user passwords are found in an online leak

Starting with Microsoft Edge 88, user passwords will be checked against a repository of known-breached credentials and sends the user an alert if a match is found.

Microsoft Edge v.88: Deprecate support for FTP protocol

Support for the legacy FTP protocol has been removed from Microsoft Edge. Attempting to navigate to an FTP link will result in the browser directing the Operating System to open an external application to handle the FTP link. Alternatively, IT administrators can configure Microsoft Edge to use IE Mode for sites that rely on the FTP protocol.

Microsoft Edge v. 88: Automatically switch users on macOS to their work profile for sites that authenticate with their work account

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 88, we provide the ability to switch sites that authenticate with your work profile on macOS.

Microsoft Edge v.88: Improve browser performance with sleeping tabs

Sleeping tabs improve browser performance by reducing system resources (e.g., RAM, CPU) that are used by background, inactive browser tabs. Users can prevent tab sites from going to sleep and configure the length of time before an inactive tab goes to sleep. This feature can also be managed with group policies.

Microsoft Edge v.88: Adobe Flash support will be removed

Starting with Microsoft Edge Beta version 88, Adobe Flash capability and support will be removed.

Source: microsoftedgeinsider