Rufus 3.15 Final Released

rufus 3.15 final
rufus 3.15 final

Just a few days ago, Rufus Beta was released for testing. Now you can enjoy the final release of Rufus 3.15.

The new build comes with the following changes and fixes.

Changed or fixed

  • Update GRUB to version 2.06
  • Add support for .vtsi files (Ventoy Sparse Image, courtesy of @ventoy)
  • Add workaround for openSUSE Live ISOs
  • Move default app directory to %LocalAppData%\Rufus\ and always save a log there on exit
  • Fix AppStore version of Rufus not being able to store downloaded files [#1744]
  • Fix failure to open Syslinux/GRUB files when Rufus is located at the root of a drive [#1747, #1761]
  • Prevent the creation of System Volume Information on ESPs written in DD mode
  • Prevent drive letter assignation to the UEFI:NTFS partition [pbatard/uefi-ntfs#25]
  • Prevent persistent partition creation errors due to size
  • Enhance safety checks before running the Fido ISO download script
  • Other internal fixes and improvements [#1727, etc]