Rufus 3.19 final released

Rufus 3.19 final released
Rufus 3.19 final released

There is a new final release of Rufus with build number 3.19 ready for download. The new build comes with some important changes, fixes, and new additions, which you can read about in the changelog down below

Rufus 3.19 is a small and free program, you can use to easily create a bootable USB Pen Drive. With this tiny program, you can make a bootable install media, needed to do a clean installation of Windows 10 or Windows 11.

One of the new features in this build is that Rufus can bypass the required Microsoft account, even when reinstalling Windows 11 Home and Pro. However, the Internet needs to be turned off temporarily while doing a local installation of Windows 11.

rufus 3 19 options
Rufus 3 19 options

In Rufus, you have an option to disable secure boot and TPM requirements, so you can install Windows 11 without any worries.

Note for Windows 11 users: New options only become visible or available, as shown above, when using a Windows 11 image. 

Changelog for Rufus 3.19 Final

  • Add a new selection dialog for Windows 11 setup customization:
    • Secure Boot and TPM bypass have now been moved to this dialog
    • Also allows bypassing the mandatory requirement for a Microsoft account with Windows 11 22H2
      (NB: Network MUST be temporarily disabled or unplugged for the local account creation to be proposed)
    • Also, add an option to skip all collection questions (Sets all answers to “Don’t allow”)
    • Also, add an option for setting internal drives offline with Windows To Go
      Note: These customization options are only proposed when using a Windows 11 image.
  • Add support for distros using a nonstandard GRUB 2.0 prefix directory (openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
  • Add the ability to ignore USBs (See here for details)
  • Change drive listing to always list in increasing order of size
  • Update exceptions needed by Red Hat and derivatives for the 9.x releases
  • Update UEFI:NTFS drivers to the latest
  • Reassign a letter for drives written in DD mode that don’t have an ESP (e.g. CoreELEC)
  • Fix Windows refusing to mount Linux MBR partitions on FIXED drives
  • Fix support for multiextent files when Joliet is in use

Open Issue in Rufus 3.19

  • The new Windows 11 settings panel will not appear when MBR is set, for now, it’s for use on GPT only. The bug will be fixed in the next release.

Download: Rufus-Update
Download: Rufus-UpdateAlso available as a portable version.
Download: Rufus Final 3.21

Thanks to Pete Batard for this wonderful piece of software. 🙂 A Free Software Developer, with more decades of experience than we care to admit.