Rufus Fido 1.40 update available

Rufus Fido 1.39 update available
Rufus Fido 1.39 update available

In case you get this error when using Rufus: We are unable to complete your request at this time. Some users, entities, and locations are banned from using this service. For this reason, leveraging anonymous or location-hiding technologies when connecting to this service is not generally allowed. If you believe that you encountered this problem in error, please try again. If the problem persists, you may contact the “Microsoft Support – Contact Us” page for assistance. Refer to message code 715-123130.

Rufus, a highly acclaimed tool for creating bootable drives for Windows (and other operating systems), is able to download Windows ISO files directly from Microsoft. Its built-in Fido script makes Rufus 3.21 a comprehensive application for those who require a USB drive to clean-install Windows.

Microsoft has recently implemented several restrictions on third-party access to its servers. Despite these measures, the developers behind Rufus and Fido have managed to find a way to circumvent these countermeasures and released the latest Fido 1.40 update, which allows users to download Windows ISO files once again. Rufus automatically updates the built-in Fido script to the latest version.

Fido 1.40 update

  • Improve error handling and reporting when querying

Download: Fido-Update
Download: Rufus-Update
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