ScreenToGif Updated to 2.34.1

ScreenToGif Updated to 2.34.1
ScreenToGif Updated to 2.34.1

ScreenToGif is a handy tool to capture what’s happening on your desktop or other screens of your system.

ScreenToGif is a Screen webcam and board recorder with an integrated editor you can use to make your own animated GIFs when needed.


Features in ScreenToGif 2.34.1

  • Record your screen with the integrated recorder: Select an area of your screen, record, and pause as you wish.
  • Webcam recorder: Simply select your webcam and start recording.
  • Sketch board recorder: Start drawing things and the recorder will automatically pick what you are drawing.
  • Integrated editor: Edit your recording, import GIFs or videos, and save as GIF, APNG, WebP, or video.
  • With the editor, you can also remove frames, add annotations, add title frames, add drawings, and much more.

Changed in version 2.34.1

  • Numeric input fields now only respond to scrolling when they are in focus.
  • Window selection mode could crash due to an incorrectly sized frame.
  • In frame selection mode, the frame list could be looped between the start and end selection.

The developer added support for the new distribution system for build 2.35 and upcoming releases. It’s important to download this newly updated version if you want to get new updates later on.

Download: Portable-Version