Shrestha Files 2.0 is online for download

Shrestha Files 2.0 is online for download 2
Shrestha Files 2.0 is online for download 2

Earlier today, we posted a new release of Files File manager 2.3 on our site. However, there is some friendly competitor that released a slightly different file explorer, called Shrestha Files with build number 2.0.

Shrestha Files is a Modern Dual Pane File Manager with Tabs and Colorful Themes for Windows 11 and Windows 10 Devices.

Shrestha Microsoft Award
Shrestha Microsoft Award

About Shrestha Files Pro X

Shrestha Files Pro X is an updated version of Shrestha Files that uses WinAppSDK and WinUI3 instead of UWP. It’s superfast compared to the original version. It seems to be faster than Windows File Explorer in loading files/folders in Windows 11 (not 10).

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Only in the month of May, the App comes with a crazy amount of improvements and fixes. One thing to be aware of is, that the latest “Free” version is version 2.0. “Pro X” versions are updated to the latest version posted on the developer’s website. You can find the download link for the free version down below this post.

Note: Some versions are released gradually, meaning not everyone will get the latest version as soon as it is released. This is to ensure that if any unexpected bugs are introduced in the app resulting in crashes, the developer will get a chance to fix them before releasing it to all users.

Changelog for Shrestha Files 2.0 down to version 1.7.1

[Changes for version 2.0]

  • Shrestha Files Pro X (version 2.0) is officially launching with Microsoft Build 2022! This version offers significant performance improvements, new features, and customization options.

[Changes for version 1.77]

  • Updated Italian translation, thanks to Alessandro!
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Parasec!
  • Updated Serbian translations, thanks to Bzzrak!
  • Shrestha Files is available in 43 languages.

[Changes for version 1.76]

  • Welcome to a brand-new version of Shrestha Files! This is a major update of Shrestha Files, and it brings a significant performance improvement by utilizing the latest windows platform developed for modern desktop apps. Most of the limitations of the previous version (e.g. not being able to run .exe files, show hidden and system files, etc.) are addressed in this version.
  • Check out the full changelog from About Section of the settings to see numerous improvements made since the last major version of Shrestha Files Pro was released.
  • Feel free to share this update with others and/or write a blog about it.

[Changes for version 1.75]

  • More changes to ensure the Theme Settings does not crash.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

[Changes for version 1.74]

  • Updated logo.
  • Attempted to fix theme setting crash issue again.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

[Changes for version 1.73]

  • Theme settings should load faster now.
  • Various colorful font icons are used to indicate the type of files (e.g. text, picture, audio, video, or others).
  • Version numbers bumped to 1.x instead of 0.x to indicate that this is a newer version of the app than the original Shrestha Files Pro. All the changelog documentation is also updated to reflect this.
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

[Changes for version 1.72]

  • Changes in the library’s bookmark will be saved again.
  • Refined sizes of colorful font icons.
  • Updated Hungarian translation. Thanks to Kristóf Kékesi!
  • Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Damián Roig!
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

[Changes for version 1.71]

  • Simple icon selection for bookmarks in the bookmark editor works now (shows a selection of simple glyph icons).
  • Updated Spanish translation. Thanks to Damián Roig!
  • Miscellaneous improvements.

Shrestha Files is available in 43 languages.

Download: Microsoft Store

Discord: Here