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Intel Wi Fi ver. 22.50.1 and Bluetooth Driver ver. 22.50.0

Intel Wi-Fi ver. 22.50.1 and Bluetooth Driver ver. 22.50.0 Update

Intel released new security drivers Intel Wi-Fi version 22.50.1 and Bluetooth Driver version 22.50.0 for Windows 10. Bluetooth Driver version 22.50.0 On some systems, the...
Driver 22.40.0 Update

Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver 22.40.0 Update Released

Intel released new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver version 22.40.0 to the public. These drivers come with some essential fixes to stabilize Windows 10. Wi-Fi 22.40.0 Update ...
intel drivers update feb 2021

Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver 22.30.0 for Windows 10

Intel updates Bluetooth and Wi-Fi driver to version 22.30.0. These new updates come with some important fixes to prevent for example Windows Stop (BSOD) errors...
intel drivers update

Windows 10 Intel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver Update

Intel released Wi-Fi driver version 22.20.0, and Bluetooth driver version 22.20.0 to solve some important issues in Windows. Fixed in Wi-Fi driver version 22.20.0: Windows*...
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Intel Wireless Bluetooth Update

Intel released Wireless Bluetooth Update version number 22.10.0 for Windows 10. Note: Some products support only 64-bit version of Windows 10. See supported operating systems...