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Shrestha Files 2.0 is online for download 2

Shrestha Files 2.0 is online for download

Earlier today, we posted a new release of Files File manager 2.3 on our site. However, there is some friendly competitor that released a...
Shrestha Files Pro 2

Shrestha Files Pro Windows 10 File Explorer

Like the author of Shrestha Files Pro is saying, it seems like the old file explorer in Windows 10 will never get an overhaul. So...
files 1.5 1

Files 1.5 Update With fluent design, Tabs, layout Modes

Files 1.5 can be used as a replacement for the good old Windows 10 File Explorer you probably use every day. But with a big...
no 2

Windows File Explorer app version 1.0

The new file explorer app version 1.0 is making good progress to become a full-fledged modern app for daily use. In this new version 1.0,...