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PowerToys Update 0.41.2

PowerToys Update 0.41.2 Online

Microsoft released another update PowerToys to the public today. When interested in this new build, you can download it down below. Changed or Fixed in build...
windows 11 dark

Windows 11 Compatibility Test Your PC

Maybe you are wondering, is my PC Windows 11 Ready. You can test your system whether it meets the minimum requirements it needs to install...
Shrestha Files Pro 2

Shrestha Files Pro Windows 10 File Explorer

Like the author of Shrestha Files Pro is saying, it seems like the old file explorer in Windows 10 will never get an overhaul. So...
lively 1.5 update 2

Lively 1.5 Update for Windows 10 Desktop Enhancement

Do you get bored easily looking at the same desktop every day? Maybe you can give this app a go, and see all the wonders...
rufus 3.14 update

Rufus 3.14 Fixed and Improved Update

It has been a while since we saw the last update of Rufus, a simple program to easily create a bootable USB Drive. Just...
powershell march 12

PowerShell version 7.1.3 Stable Ready for Download

The team made a new PowerShell Stable release available for download on GitHub. The version number is 7.1.3 and comes with some minor changes...