Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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windows 11 White

Windows 11 Black and White Wallpaper

Also made a white version of the Windows 11 wallpaper, without edgy curves. Hope you like it. You can download it in two versions....
Windows Classic Wallpapers

Microsoft Original Windows Classic Wallpapers

So many years have passed since Windows 1.0 was launched, so many different versions of Windows since that day, Nov. 20, 1985, just over...
Windows 11 Multi Colors

Windows 11 Multi Color Wallpapers

After the release by Microsoft of the Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers, maybe you like some other colors too. The image size is HD 1920 x...
Windows 11 Pantone wallpapers

Windows 11 Pantone Wallpapers

Microsoft released some brand-new Windows 11 wallpapers for the upcoming new year 2022. They look great, like a breath of fresh air. The image size...
Windows 11 Blue 2

Windows 11 BlueTwo Wallpaper

Maybe you like blue on your desktop a lot. Try this on for size. It's a JPG file, 2540x1440 PX. Click Image / Right-click and...
MS Holiday

MS Holiday Wallpaper

Microsoft has released another beautiful wallpaper for your desktop. Really colorful and finally something different this time. The Resolution is 2560×1440 Pix and 2560 x...
Microsoft Win11SE

Microsoft Win11SE Wallpaper

When interested, you can download the beautiful new Microsoft Windows 11 SE wallpaper here. Resolution is 2560×1440 Pix. Click Image / Right-click and use Save Image As Download:...
Microsoft Wallpapers 2021

More Microsoft Wallpapers 2021

Some beautiful Wallpapers for your Desktop from Microsoft. :-)   The image size is HD 2560 x 1440. Click Image / Right-click and use Save Image As Download:...