TranslucentTB 5.0 Revised

TranslucentTB 5.0
TranslucentTB 5.0

TranslucentTB is a lightweight tool that makes the Windows 10 or Windows 11 taskbar translucent/transparent.

TranslucentTB is completely revised and is Windows 11 ready.

TranslucentTB offers you control over the appearance of your taskbar. You can customize the effect and color of it, and combine states (maximized window, Start Menu open, Cortana open, and Timeline open), each one with a customizable taskbar appearance to reach a dynamically changing and visually pleasing taskbar.

Changed or Fixed in TranslucentTB 5.0

  • Rewrite the entire UI in UWP XAML (hosted via XAML Islands), giving the TranslucentTB UI a much more modern look.
    • On Windows 11, the context menu is also a UWP XAML flyout.
    • New welcome UI, giving the user links to our Liberaypay page and Discord server.
    • Unfortunately results in increased memory usage 🙁
    • Acrylic!
    • As a consequence, the minimum version is built 18362 (AKA 1903)
  • New Fluent icon
  • Light theme support: the TranslucentTB tray icon turns black when Windows light theme is enabled.
  • A dark theme context menu is also available.
  • Changed config file format to a standard JSON file.
  • Changes to the config file are now automatically reloaded when the file is changed on disk.
  • Instead of being constantly looping, TranslucentTB is now lazy and DLL injects into Explorer
    • Flickering when start opens is completely gone!
  • New defaults which address common user complaints
  • The Peek button can now still be used even when not visible
  • Increase reliability of hotplug detection. This should fix most cases of secondary monitors not being detected.

There are a few known issues as well! Many affecting Windows 11 only

  • There is a thin line on the taskbar in Windows 11. This is not a TranslucentTB-caused issue, this line is present even when it isn’t running. It’s just harder to notice.
  • Acrylic color does not work correctly. It seems Microsoft changed the API in 11 and I’ve yet to figure out how it works now. #1C230F00 (or just using the normal appearance) works pretty decent for now.
  • Start Menu opened does not reliably detect on which monitor the Start Menu is opened in Windows 11. This mode is disabled by default in Windows 11, but can still be turned on. It will be fixed in a future update.
  • Search opened does not work in Windows 11. It has been hidden from the context menu in Windows 11. It will be fixed in a future update.
  • Blur causes significant lag when an Explorer window is dragged under the taskbar. This is a bug in Windows 11, it cannot be resolved by TranslucentTB. It has been hidden from the context menu in Windows 11, but can still be enabled by editing the config file. Resolved in Insider build 22449.
  • Opening the app again when the welcome page is opened results in the welcome page is skipped.
  • On some very rare occasions, the app may crash on the monitor hotplug. This is being investigated.
  • The XAML context menu in Windows 11 is missing some icons or uses outdated icons.
  • Restoring Discord from its tray icon does not change the taskbar’s appearance accordingly until the window is dragged around or resized.

Download: Microsoft Store