ViVeTool 0.3.0 update released
ViVeTool 0.3.0 update released

Albacore released a new version, ViVeTool 0.3.1 with a wide range of improvements and some fixes. So if you are a frequent user of ViVeTool, you need to download this new version. Don’t miss out on it.

Changelog for ViVeTool 0.3.1

  • New command syntax
  • Improved boot persistence (Fixes #6)
  • Support for identifying features by names (Addresses #12)
  • Revised data types & struct bitfield sizes (Fixes #32)
  • Greatly improved library performance
  • Feature configuration import & export
  • ‘Last Known Good’ rollback system management
  • Full reset command
  • Update check command
  • Correct single Store parameter handling in Enable/Disable & Reset scenarios (fixes #39)

Download ViVeTool-Update