ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1 update released

ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1 update released
ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1 update released

ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1 has been released and is coming with a completely overhauled Feature Scanner and some bug fixes made. ViVeTool-GUI. ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1 connects to ViVeTool with a graphical interface.

Using ViVeTool GUI is more easier and user-friendly, besides it let’s you also search for features and enable them with a few clicks.

Changelog for ViVeTool GUI 1.6.1

  • Overhauled the Feature Scanner.
  • Older User Settings now get applied and updated on newer ViVeTool GUI Versions instead of resetting the User Settings.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if you changed the Build while searching.
  • Fixed a Bug while trying to manually load a Feature List.
  • Fixed the flickering somewhat while loading in the Feature List.
What is ViVeTool GUI

ViVeTool GUI lets you easily enable, disable and search for new hidden Features in Windows Insider Builds, with the use of a Button and a pretty UI.

If you are not familiar yet with ViVeTool GUI, you can read more about the program here. There is a full tutorial on how to use it.

Author: Do you have a Feature Request, Problem, or question? Then open a GitHub Issue or start a Discussion. Feedback is welcomed!

Info: The Installer for ViVeTool GUI has changed. If you have installed ViVeTool GUI or older, please uninstall it before installing the newer version.

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