ViVeTool GUI 1.6.2 update available 2
ViVeTool GUI 1.6.2 update available 2

ViVeTool GUI has been updated to version 1.6.2 and comes with some improvements and fixes. ViVeTool GUI lets you easily enable, disable and search for new hidden features in Windows Insider Builds, with the use of a Button and a pretty UI.

What are the System Requirements?

Since ViVeTool GUI uses the ViVe API, Windows 10 Build 18963 (Version 2004) and newer is the only OS Requirement. Apart from that, the only Requirement is .Net Framework 4.8

Changelog for ViVeTool GUI 1.6.2


  • Searching is now disabled while the Feature List is loading to fix numerous search-related bugs.
  • Updated AutoUpdater.NET to Version 1.7.1 (explains the new Edge WebView2 DLLs, full Edge WebView2 is not included, just the launcher DLLs to use it if it is already installed on the Users System)


  • Fixed numerous Search-related bugs while a Feature List was loading.
  • Added an exception handler when trying to use the Clipboard with insufficient permissions. (Usually AV related)
  • Added an exception handler to the Feature Scanner when trying to start symchk.exe with insufficient permissions. (Usually AV related)
  • Fixed a Null Reference Pointer Exception when preparing a network exception message
  • Feature Lists with a . in their name, for example, 22000.1 will now be displayed in the Build Combo Box. Fixes #15

Read More on how to use it here.

Download: ViVeTool-GUI-Update