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Winaero Tweaker

As always, Sergey Tkachenko works very hard to make Winaero Tweaker even better and more comprehensive.

With Winaero Tweaker you can customize almost every setting you can think of. It’s Suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Winaero Tweaker includes quite a few handy tricks that are really hard to realize without it. It is definitely worth checking out Winaero Tweaker.

Maybe it’s the tool you were looking for. Winaero Tweaker can also be used as a portable installation. So, don’t worry about installing it on your system.

Developer: I am releasing a new version of Winaero Tweaker. Traditionally, there are some fixes and updates, as well as new features. It now can properly recognize Windows 11 22H2 and its successor. Also on Windows 11, it will allow you to show tray icons on two or three rows, enable stickers, remove the Spotlight icon from Desktop, remove “add to favorites” from the context menu, and more. There are also new features for other Windows versions.

Changes made in Winaero Tweaker

  • The app now properly detects Windows 11 version 22H2.
  • I’ve changed how it shows the available memory size
  • You can now use it to remove the Add to favorites item from the context menu.
  • Also, when you remove “Open in Terminal” from the context menu using Winaero Tweaker, it now also removes the “Open in Terminal Preview” command if you have the latter installed.
  • If you set Windows Spotlight as your desktop background, you can remove its icon from the desktop.
  • Using Winaero Tweaker 1.40, you can make the taskbar show tray icons in two or three rows.
  • I have updated the “Disable SmartScreen” to disable it for Store apps.
  • You can now enable the “Desktop Stickers” hidden feature in Windows 11 22H2+.
  • There is an option to enable Recycle Bin for removable drives.
  • The option to disable Windows ads has been updated to work properly in Windows 11.
  • I have added the “Restart Explorer” option to Tools in Winaero Tweaker. Sometimes I need to restart it quickly. Maybe some of you will also find the new option useful.

Additional Changes

In Windows 11 version 22H2 the ability to re-enable the ribbon UI in File Explorer has gone. Also in this version, Microsoft doesn’t allow moving the newer taskbar from the bottom. So I am hiding these options on 22H2+.

Finally, I have done general fixes and improvements which don’t change anything in the UI of the app. For example, “Disable Web Search” requires you to sign out from your user account, but Tweaker didn’t show the request.

Download: Update here