Windows 10 build 21313 Battery settings page

new battery settings page
new battery settings page

Thanks to Albacore and NTDEV, you can enable the new battery settings page in Windows 10 build 21313, released yesterday to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

If you can’t wait to test this new feature yourself, you can follow the steps as described below to activate the new settings page. Of course, this does not work on a PC.

You need to follow the steps below, this to enable the new settings page:

  • Download ViveTool used to enable hidden developers features in Windows 10 Insider Build.
  • Open ViveTool, using admin rights in command prompt.
  • Done this? type the following command and press enter.

ViVeTool.exe addconfig 27296756 2

  • After receiving the message successfully set feature, your page should be enabled and ready for use.