Windows 11 Classic Context Menu 1.0
Windows 11 Classic Context Menu 1.0

Some of us really don’t like the new context menu in Windows 11. It takes you up more steps, to do the same things as you did before in Windows 10.

The author of this need-little tweak did make a calculation of it, and as you can see it takes you more time to do the same work as you did before in Windows 10.

Author: Ergonomics is important because implementing ergonomic solutions can help trim operating expenses by reducing costs and improving productivity. Imagine a workplace where 10 people work, each computer user clicks on the desktop 100 times a day, each click wastes an extra 1 second.

10 x 100 = 1000 seconds (16.67 minutes) a day lost.
30 x 1000 = 30000 seconds (500 Minutes = 8.33 Hours) a Month Lost.

Even in a workplace with only 10 employees, it causes a loss of 8.33 hours per month. Consider the waste of time in the workplace where 100 people work.

So, it’s word going back to the classic context-menu you all know from good old Windows 10.

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