Windows 11 Hidden Tabs in File Explorer

Windows 11 Hidden Tabs in File Explorer
Windows 11 Hidden Tabs in File Explorer

Yesterday, Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 22572 to insiders in the Dev Channel. The new build comes with interesting new features.

For now, one of them is still hidden. It’s an old project that Microsoft worked on back in 2018 and for some reason gave it up.

As it stands now, Microsoft is working on getting this project back on track. As you may recall, we are talking about tabs that Microsoft tried to implement in File Explorer of Windows 10.

If you want to get ahead of things and activate the hidden file explorer tabs, vivetool can help you out. Follow the instructions below and the tabs function will be activated. Remember, it is an experimental feature, so far from perfect.

How to activate the hidden tabs

  • Download vivetool here
  • Unzip vivetool
  • Open up the unzipped vivetool folder
  • In the vivetool folder, right-click and open up a command prompt as admin.
  • In the command prompt window, type vivetool addconfig 34370472 2
  • After restarting your system, tabs will show in the file explorer

Deactivate tabs function

  • Use vivetool delconfig 34370472 2
  • Restart Windows

that’s it