Windows 11 how to Enable Teams Chat

Teams Chat in Windows 11
Teams Chat in Windows 11

If you are asking yourself the question, why can’t I find Teams Chat in Windows 11 after updating to the latest preview build?

For some insiders, this feature is available and for most of them, it isn’t. So normally you have to wait some more until its activated for all insiders.

However, if you are curious, and you like to try the app anyway, this is how you go about it.

First, you have to download ViVeTool to unlock the feature, unpack the zip file, and put the ViVeTool folder on your c: drive.

Second, open CMD as administrator and type cd /d “c:\ViVeTool.

Once you have done this, type ViveTool.exe addconfig 31371065 2. After doing this, restart your computer.

The last thing you need to do is download and install Microsoft Teams itself. You can download it here. That should do it.