Windows 11 inspired Edge Design for Windows 10
Windows 11 inspired Edge Design for Windows 10

Very occasionally, you see a new option to slightly adjust the styling within Windows 10 so that it gets more of a Windows 11 feel.

The latest Edge Stable update with version number 102.0.1245.33, provides you with a new option to adjust the styling of the browser, giving you some Windows 11 features while using Edge in Windows 10.


I have to say, it looks really perfect. It is definitely worth trying it out for yourself. How to go about enabling the new feature, do the following:

  • As said, you need to be on Edge Stable v.102.0.1245.33. If you are on an older version, update your browser first.
  • Open Edge and paste the following into the Address bar: edge://flags/#edge-visual-rejuv-show-settings
  • Enable the flag, and restart Edge Stable


  • Done this? Go to settings and choose appearance. Under Customize appearance, you will see the option: Use rounded corners for browser tabs (Preview).  Enable the option, and restart the browser one more time.

Enable rounded corners

That’s it.