Windows 11 Reboot Downtime Estimate Feature
Windows 11 Reboot Downtime Estimate Feature

As is often the case, Albacore has found another new interesting feature, this time in Windows 11.

It’s called the Reboot Downtime Estimate feature. It can be enabled with the help of ViVeTool.

According to Albacore, simply run ‘ViveTool addconfig 25704915 2′ in an elevated command prompt.

Albacore Update:

Apologies in case this didn’t work, you might have to configure the feature with a wording variant as well The feature is checked by 2 system files and only 1 of them checks the variant, yesterday I was looking at the other one Variants:

  1. “estimate:”
  2. “takes about”
  3. “about”

Thanks to Albacore.