Windows 11 taskbar change with TaskbarXI

Windows 11 taskbar change with TaskbarXI
Windows 11 taskbar change with TaskbarXI

Chris Andriessen the developer of TaskbarXI has made it possible to make the Windows 11 taskbar look like a Mac Dock.

Soon, the new release comes with even more new features to play with. But for now, you’ll have to make do with the first release that allows you to upgrade your Windows 11 taskbar.

So download version and give the app a try.

Features in TaskbarXI

  • Turn the Windows 11 Taskbar into a dock.
  • Turn the tray/clock into a dock.
  • Support multiple monitors.
  • Support separate DPI scaling.
  • Switch back to normal on the maximized window.
  • Support left and centered taskbar.
  • Tray icon to exit TaskbarXI and revert to the default taskbar.

Coming Soon in

  • Fine-tuning (testing/debugging on different hardware)
  • Add -stop parameter (Stops TaskbarXI and reverts the taskbar to default)
  • Add -square parameter (Uses square corners instead of rounded corners)
  • Add -ignoremax parameter (Does not revert the taskbar on maximized window)
  • Add -notray parameter (Disables system tray icon)
  • Add -hidetraywnd parameter (Hides the system tray area)
  • Add -createstartup parameter (Creates a startup entry including the current parameters)
  • Add -removestartup parameter (Removes startup entry and exits TaskbarXI)
  • Add -console parameter (Displays a console window)
  • Add -sticky parameter (Sticks the system tray to the taskbar (removes the tray icons to keep it stable))
  • Add -help parameter (Displays a help window)
  • Add -smoothresize parameter (Resizes the taskbar smoothly) <– EXPERIMENTAL
  • Add -blur parameter (Makes the taskbar blurred) <– EXPERIMENTAL
  • Add Multithreading

Download: Task-bar-XI

Download: TaskbarX – Windows 10